How To Wear Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are an attractive and unique way to add your personal touch to any outfit. Maybe you have even purchased some of the beautifully put-together layered necklaces at stores as they offer the simplicity of being prearranged. While these are definitely a great option, don’t hesitate to take your own single strands and combine them into a layered look unique to you. You can add diversity to your wardrobe when you change things up in this manner. Arlo and Joy offer fashion accessories for every occasion and style. Continue reading to learn how to create the layered necklace look with your own pieces.

Play With Length

While the length of your necklaces will depend on your personal style and taste, there are some basic guidelines to make sure you follow:

  1. The first chain should be the shortest in length, between 14- and 16 inches in length. The only exception to this rule is if you are wearing a boatneck top. In that case, make sure to increase the length of your shortest chain.
  2. Your second chain should be longer than the first by approximately 1 to 2 inches or more. If you are more bold with your fashion choices, you can try adding in a different metal, but make sure it creates a nice contrast. 
  3. The third chain should be the longest. This chain should also be on the heavier side to provide the proper framing for the other two chains. A good option for this one is a pendant as they add a nice visual weight and size to complete the look.

So to recap, make sure to wear at least three necklaces when layering and mix up the lengths, letting them range anywhere from 14 to 33 inches. Play with enamel pieces, incorporate similar shades of metals (unless you are adding an obviously different one for contrast), and use a bold necklace as your focal point. You can find necklaces ranging from chokers to long chains in the necklace section of our jewelry store. Find your new favorite piece today! 

Styles To Try


Lariat necklaces add a wonderful versatility to your layered necklace. A lariat necklace is different from traditional necklaces because it does not have a clasp or hook at the back of the neck. Instead, a lariat necklace is fastened by tying a knot in the jewelry itself. In fine jewelry, this usually is accomplished by threading one end of the chain through a circle or other shape crafted from the metal. The necklace stays together because there is generally a piece of the design that functions as a weight at the end of each chain. If you prefer to have a necklace that requires nothing more than to slip it over your head, there are lariats that come with fixed loops. These are sometimes referred to as “Y” necklaces.


Chokers have been a staple of the well-rounded jewelry wardrobe for decades. While there are definitely occasions for rocking the classic, thick, black choker, our focus today is on minimalist chokers. Carefully chosen, they are an ultra-feminine alternative for the first chain in your layered necklace. In fact, if you have been searching for a necklace to layer that will communicate a sleek look, a delicate choker is a perfect choice. If you feel that your jewelry options have become a bit stale, consider adding a choker to create versatility in your accessories.


If you have inherited some necklaces from your grandmother, or other female relative, you should absolutely add these into your look for further variety. Maybe you have held off because you weren’t sure how to match them with your modern jewelry. Follow our tips below to create your own classic look. A wonderful aspect of vintage jewelry is that there is so much detail in each piece. In addition to the detail, they tend to consist of beads, pearls, and floral elements which effortlessly add femininity to any look. If you have a Victorian style enamel pendant, be sure to use this as a point of focus. Pair some of your delicate modern necklaces for an attractive and blended look.


Now that you’ve learned some tips on how to put different pieces and styles together, experiment with your necklaces to create your own effortlessly casual look. If you are looking for some fresh pieces to add, check out all that Arlo and Joy have to offer. We have a wide variety of styles and materials that are sure to be a great addition for any fashionista’s closet!

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