How To Wear Chokers

Chokers came into existence as golden choker necklaces around 2500 BC. Especially broad chokers came back into fashion in the 19th century partly due to the fact that Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom wore one to cover a small scar. As with all fashion trends, their popularity eventually faded only to come back in vogue in the 90s. If you have noticed a recent revival in their popularity, and you are wondering how you can wear these statement pieces, then continue reading our post today. Arlo and Joy provide the women’s statement jewelry you need for every occasion. Be sure to check out our online store today.

Pick the Material

One of the most important tips to follow for any piece of women’s statement jewelry is to find one that fits you. When it comes to chokers, you want to first decide on the material, as the wrong choice could lead to a very irritating experience. You also want to make sure that the material will complement your outfit. Some traditional choices of material for chokers are lace, velvet, metal, and leather. Of course, there are far more options and even material blends that are available, so you will need to try them on to determine how they feel and fit around your neck.

Determine the Length

The standard choker length is 16 inches, but they can range in length from close-fitting bands to longer bands, or even strips, which create a multi-layered effect. If you have not already done so, you want to measure your neck before you start shopping for chokers. Be sure to add an additional two inches to your neck measurement so that you are able to find a choker that fits comfortably. When you do shop, keep in mind that longer chokers can be wrapped multiple times to create a layered effect, and short chokers provide a minimalist look, which can also be paired with longer necklaces.

Select a Width

The width is almost as important as the length when choosing a choker to add to your jewelry wardrobe. The wider, or chunkier, a band is, the more of a statement it will make. If you prefer to be more subtle in your jewelry choices, then consider looking for thin or delicate bands or strands. This is another area where the material will come into play. Depending on the material you choose, you can create a more natural, hippie-chic look, or a dramatic statement.

Choose a Color

The color you choose will play a large role in how often you will wear your choker. If you wish to wear your choker everyday, then make sure to pick one that is in the neutral color range. Basic neutrals will be able to match more outfits and provide more accessory options when you are getting dressed. Solid colors are perfect for fabric chokers, but they will also limit the number of outfits with which you can pair them. If you are looking for a metal choker, be sure to choose a metal that matches your skin tone. For example, silver jewelry looks best on cool-toned skin, while gold looks best on warm-toned skin.

When it comes to wearing chokers, there are so many wonderful options for every woman. If you follow the tips we provided, you should have no trouble finding the perfect choker for your jewelry wardrobe. Arlo and Joy are proud to provide the women’s statement jewelry you need at our online store. Shop today for your next favorite piece!

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