How To Care For Your Jewelry

Fashion statement jewelry is a great option for every woman because it is more affordable than fine jewelry, allowing you to buy numerous pieces to mix and match as you please. While you can save money on the purchase, it is important to remember that the care you take with your fashion jewelry will help to extend its lifetime. You may tend to think that because it is made from metal, that it is naturally durable. Unfortunately, not only is this not the case, but it is more vulnerable to the items it comes into contact with on a day-to-day basis. At Arlo and Joy, we want you to enjoy your fashion jewelry, and get the most use possible from it. Continue reading to learn what has an adverse effect on the appearance of your fashion jewelry as well as what you can do to help protect your jewelry, then shop our online eclectic boutique.

Soap and Water

On average, women wash their hands around ten times per day. That is a lot of soap and water! Add to that any time that you do laundry or dishes and you are getting your hands wet more than you may realize. While this isn’t necessarily bad for your hands, it is not good news for your fashion jewelry. Unlike fine jewelry, fashion jewelry should not be exposed to water or to soap. The chemicals in hand soap, dish soap, and laundry soap can strip the finish off of your beautiful jewelry, leaving them fit for nothing but the trash can. Even if you do your best to remember to remove your rings and bracelets before putting your hands into water, there may be times when you forget. Don’t stress out, just make sure to dry off your pieces as thoroughly as possible. 

Bathrooms and Pools

Another tip to remember is to make sure that when you do remove your fashion jewelry, don’t set it on the counter in the bathroom. The humidity from the shower can be just as destructive to your jewelry as putting it under a stream of running water. One last tip when it comes to keeping your jewelry looking its best is to remember not to jump into a swimming pool while wearing your favorite pieces. The chlorine in swimming pools can react with the metal in your jewelry and cause it to change color. 


As we mentioned earlier about frequent hand washing being bad for your jewelry, it is also drying for your skin. You probably frequently apply lotion to your hands to counteract the drying effect of handwashing. While lotion is great for your skin, it is another cause of jewelry damage. If your lotion is not 100 percent natural, it most likely has perfumes and other chemicals that can react negatively with your jewelry and cause it to tarnish or completely change color. We are not telling you to stop using lotion, your skin definitely appreciates it! Instead, allow 10-15 minutes to pass to give the lotion sufficient time to be absorbed into your skin before putting your jewelry back on. If you are confident that the lotion you use is 100 percent natural, you do not need to worry about the timeline guide.


Perfume is a wonderful thing to put on as it instantly makes us feel prettier and more confident, knowing that we will leave a pleasantly scented trail wherever we go. Perfume, however, does not have such a positive effect on our fashion jewelry. The alcohol in your perfume is corrosive to the metals that your jewelry is made from, and can also dull the finish permanently. If you continue to adhere to the timeline rule we mentioned earlier, your perfume should have sufficient time to dry, making it safe for you to put your jewelry on.

Silver Cleaner

The best thing to remember with silver cleaner is that the name clearly states what it should be used for. If you are wearing fashion jewelry that looks like silver, you need to keep in mind that it is not made from actual silver. Using a silver cleaner, in this case, would actually strip the finish off of the piece that you were trying to clean. You can clean fashion jewelry with some traditional homemade cleaners with ingredients like baking soda, or toothpaste. If you are unsure, gently wiping your jewelry with a soft cloth at the end of the day is always a good choice.

Arlo and Joy is an eclectic online boutique that loves sharing the unique pieces of jewelry that we find from a wide variety of vendors. We hope that you have learned some valuable tips for getting the most out of your fashion jewelry purchase. Be sure to check our store for the new pieces we add on a regular basis.

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